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Published by Andrea Baptiste on 2016-04-02 10:14:57
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Sometimes it seems like the word FREE these days is some kind of OBSENCE and VULGAR word that one should stay far away from. Why? Many items that are labeled FREE usually have some sort of strings attached or probably I should say ropes attached. This makes quite a few people very skeptical.

But also, there are people out there that seem to take advantage of genuine FREE items and abuse it in some way, shape or form. It is like FREE is just not appreciated and valued anymore.

That is sad... on one hand you find FREE things have some ridiculous strings attached and on the other hand FREE items are being abused like there is no tomorrow. It just does not seem to be a way FREE can win.

Well let me at least try and show you a few really unusual or desirable items.

FREE Website Hosting with NO Ads What-so-ever
- Now that is hard to find these days. Nonetheless I found not just one but 3 hosts that gives away quality hosting FREE all day everyday. They are easy to use and operate. They function exactly like a standard paid host.

Even so the majority of people online know about Wix and to a lesser extent Weebly, both of which have tons of ads and/or restrictions, plus they are so hard to use. Imagine, I am a website designer since 1992 and I find these and other website services of which some are FREE difficult to use. Go figure.

Here is just one of the 3 great FREE hosts I have found so far. They were NOT easy to find.
- offers 1,000MB storage, 5GB bandwidth, plus you can use a sub-domain from one of 10 decent domains available. You have the option to register or use your very own domain name. Also you get a matching FREE web based eMail. This makes them ideal for small business owners on a budget.

What about FREE Training Online?
- Well I have found a fairly new company that is willing to teach some 1,000,000 people to do one of the following:
- Article Writing and Article Marketing
- Sales (Marketing online services to Local Businesses)
- SEO (onsite and off-site Search Engine Optimization for websites)

Well with this there is a catch. You must qualify for the FREE training. But it has a kicker too. Everyone that satisfactorily completes the training will be set up with a website they can do business with. So if you play your cards right you will not only have a new skill but you will have a website ready to make money once you are done with your training.

Now, if you do not want to wait to find out whether or not you qualify, you can purchase the training at an incredible discount. This is limited to just 100,000 persons. So if you do not qualify, do not loose heart.

Interestingly enough, the way they plan to fund the training is through a Crowd Funding effort. Find out more about the entire project at:

FREE Website Content.
- If you own a website and have been online for anytime you problably know that only websites with really good content get good traffic.

But if you do not consider yourself a writer how do you get good content for your website? You buy it, borrow it, or get it FREE.

Yes one new website is giving away unlimited PLR Articles. These are well written articles that can easily be spun or edited and used again and again on any topic you can imagine.

They do have a little catch. You can take as many articles as you desire but in return you must place just one link back to one of their websites. For details visit:
They just started so it will take sometime for all 1,000,000 articles get posted. But check back often because this article database is updated at least once each month with lots of new content.

Well there you have it. This has been another great find by - the soon to be hot new Website Directory of interesting and very useful information and items that we are slowly compiling.

You see we scour the internet each day looking for the very best products and services for
- consumers that desire the best value for their money,
- persons who desire to make a living working from home, and
- local businesses who desire to put their business online stress free.

Join us and get access to a growing database of not just interesting resources, but information that can help you make better decisions, starting today. For details simply go to:

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